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Rockville Chinese School is a non-profit organization [501(c) (3)] established in 1981. The school is located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The school educates students in Chinese Language (Traditional Characters) and culture.

洛城中文學校 是一所非營利組織 [501(c)(3)] ,成立於 1981 年,學校位於馬州蒙哥馬利縣。教學宗旨培養學生中文和中華文化。

洛城特色 Uniqueness of RCS

❖ 多元文化的家庭
     Families from diverse backgrounds
❖ 語文學習 – 使用拼音及繁體
All students are taught speaking,
reading and writing (in traditional characters)

歡      迎


❖ 重視會話教學
Emphasis on speaking and conversing in Chinese.
❖ 小班制教學
Small class sizes

School will start on

September 10, 2023


Staff Directory:

Principal – Mr. Hai-Yu Bien 校長 – 邊海嶼
Assistant Principal – Ms. Martha Chu 副校長 – 朱以華
Curriculum Director – Ms. Feng Young 教務主任 – 楊楓琴
Parent Association – Ms. Christine Lee 家長會會長
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Important Notice: